Firmware BUG - The BIOS has Corrupted HW-PMU Resources

Sep 9, 2015

Our shiny new HP DL320e rackmount server arrived last week, but installing CentOS 7 proved problematic. When installing CentOS 7, I received the error: “firmware bug - the BIOS has corrupted HW-PMU resources.”

It seems nothing is easy anymore. I punched in the error into Google and quickly got a lot of obviously wrong answers. If you are reading this, you probably have an HP gen8 server.

  • Currently ProLiant BIOS does not support the ACPI ERST feature, and it doesn’t look like it is planned in the future. There is no firmware/BIOS update to fix. Don’t waste your time looking for an update.
  • You don’t need a support contract.
  • Ignore suggestions involving cracking the server open and messing with jumper settings or clearing NVRAM.

This problem affects:

  • All ProLiant Gen8 servers
  • ProLiant DL580 G7 servers
  • ProLiant BL620 G7 servers
  • ProLiant BL680 G7 servers

The Fix / Workaround

There is no fix, but there is a work around: Disable “Processing Power and Utilization Montoring” under BIOS settings. Simply reboot and enter BIOS and find the setting to disable it.

  1. Enter BIOS (press F9 during reboot)
  2. Press CTRL-A to activate the hidden secret Service Option menu
  3. Select ‘Service Options’ then ‘Processor Power and Utilization Monitoring’ and Disable.
  4. Press F10 to save and exit, and reboot the server.

About The Author

Joe Turner

Joe Turner is the founder and owner of Atria Dynamics.