Goodbye WordPress, Hello Jekyll!

Aug 21, 2015

Welcome to the new blog.

When I founded Atria Dynamics, I did what many small businesses do – I setup a WordPress site. Simply stated, it was the quickest way for me to produce an acceptable website in the shortest time frame possible without having to hand code html. For what I wanted, it worked well enough.

While I think WordPress has its place, this will be the last WordPress I ever setup. I will soon begin to convert the rest of our sites over to Jekyll. Several WordPress sites I run are plagued with random MySQL crashes.

Personally, I’m tired of the security issues and the continual upgrade treadmill.

So I’m especially proud to announce that tonight I completely converted our website over from WordPress to Jekyll. While it took a long stretch of coding up html templates and sifting over templates, I accomplished the entire task in less than a day.

I’ve also added social interaction, a heap of SEO, and fixed a few issues.

Look for new content to be added soon.

About The Author

Joe Turner

Joe Turner is the founder and owner of Atria Dynamics.