Atria Dynamics raises $0 million; A Self-Funded Startup is Born

Apr 14, 2015

Most entrepreneurs dream of turning their idea into a wildly successful company, but that takes energy, time, and enormous capital investment. Or does it?

My previous venture was incorporated in Delaware, and had business operations in Alabama and later Minnesota. As my life changed, it became obvious that the extra burdens of running the business entity didn’t warrant the extra effort. I closed the business when I received an offer to do some consulting for a consulting firm. I left behind payroll taxes, invoices, monthly tax deposits, quarterly tax returns, yearly tax returns, yearly franchise tax returns, and the other burdens of running a corporation for the safety and serenity of being simply an employee.

The truth of the matter is that you can start up your own business with a little bit of effort and a little bit of cash, but if you choose poorly, it can become a drain on your life and finances.

Bootstrapping means starting a company with little or no money – and utilizing the scant resources available to you. This means leveraging sweat equity, forgoing a salary, and managing a tiny budget. It may take you longer to get your product to market, but when you are the only employee, you simply make do.

So that is what I’m doing.

For the last month I’ve been slowly absorbed by the unglamorous tasks required to setup a solid consulting business, and I’m finally able to announce that my company, Atria Dynamics, LLC is now ready for business.

About The Author

Joe Turner

Joe Turner is the founder and owner of Atria Dynamics.